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All classes, workshops and camps will take place at La Maison des Arts (MAFk), in Fraykeh (Mount Lebanon), the home village of famous writer Amin al Rihani and theater maker Mounir Abou Debs. A silk factory at first, it was then used as a cowshed until renovated by Mounir Abou Debs to become a cultural space and home of the School of Modern theatre and the Fraykeh Festival. MAFk has a large garden where you can set up your tents with a view on the facing hills. Showers are available and the 25×8m  practice space can host up to 50 participants: An architectural bliss for the Art of Dance.

The CI and Flow pre-festival lab will take place in Batroun on the beach. Location to be communicated closer to date.


We are very aware of the current fuel crisis in lebanon.

Upon your registration, you will be added to a carpooling Whatsapp group, where you can organize your rides up to the location.


Depending on the number of participants we will organize a transportation* ride to the Batroun Beach for the CI & FLow Lab.


*Transportation Costs might be subject to change according to fuel prices*


This year, SOMA proposes a wide range of opportunities of exchange and support through its community support program. Sliding scale support  tickets, reduced early bird tickets, a total of 12 helper's exchange, and 2 scholarships.

Apply here for the Community support program


Get in touch if you can Donate to support someone else.


About the workshops
SOMA 2022 (Contemporary Classes).jpg

The Contemporary Dance classes offers participants the opportunity to improve their technical skills by assessing both their physical reality and potential. Participants are invited to visit contemporary vocabulary, aesthetics, and qualities through a deeper understanding of functional anatomy, appropriate imagery, and relevant dance history. Covering floor technique as well as a contemporary barre work, focusing on verticality, off-balance and dynamic moving across the floor.


June 24 - July 20

7-8:30 pm

All Levels

with Corinne Skaff

SOMA 2022 (Dancescapes Weekend).png

Dance-Scapes is an embodiment practice open to all curious movers from all levels, abilities and backgrounds. This creative Movement and Somatics intensive weekend is dedicated to exploring the Body as our primary tool to Move, Express, and Learn. Based on a pedagogy of playfulness, the workshops propose a series of choreographic explorations that stimulate our inner spaces and help redefine the boundaries of our field of action and perception. Participants will be guided to cultivate physical creativity, embodied problem-solving and alternative expression and to engage in creating their own movement scores by referring to a multitude of sensations, concepts, tasks and imageries. Engaging in solos, duets, or group explorations, We will resort to movement to play, meditate, explore, question, connect and co-create.

SATURDAY July 16th, 10 am -

SUNDAY July 17th, 8pm

With Corinne Skaff

SOMA 2022 (Circus & Flow arts Jam).png

This play session gathers Lebanese Circus & flow artists, amatuers and initiatives to honor the memory of Circus and flow artist Jad Moustafa.

We remember him by sharing the practice!

This gathering is not a workshop, but please let us know if you will be joining. Bring your own circus and flow toys.


July 19

6 - 9 pm

With the participation of Fabrik, Bulaban Circus & Zayrakoun Collective and the flow arts community members

SOMA 2022 (CI & Flow lab).png

This Pre-Festival lab, is co-facilitated by Nicole Farah and Mayssan Charafeddine. It takes place on the beach in Batroun (The exact location to be shared closer to date). It explores sensations and the potential of Contact Improvisation in Water. A great opener for the ContactCamp the next day!

Transportation from Beirut and back by bus is available for the participants upon registration.


July 21

4 - 8 pm

Lab co-led by Mayssan Charfeddine & Nicole Farah

SOMA 2022 (ContactCamp).png

The yearly Contact Improvisation Immersive festival is open to all curious movers from different disciplines, backgrounds interested in exploring and deepening their partnering and improvisation skills. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of CI, and we are inviting local teachers to share their practice with the community. The camp starts on Friday morning and ends on Sunday evening. This will be a time dedicated to the practice of Contact Improvisation and embodied practices through a variety of formats: Eraly morning sessions, Morning technical classes, afternoon Labs, workshops and Dance dates, Body work and Evenning Jams.

Schedule and teachers to be announced soon.

FRIDAY  July 22nd, 10am - 

SUNDAY July 24th, 8pm



We propose different pass options that are affordable and aim to inter-communal support:

1. EARLY BIRD passes are reduced prices to be purchased before June 25th.

2. REGULAR PRICE passes are based on a sliding scale. You can pay the amount that suits you on that scale. The extra money would go to supporting our community support program.

3. HELPER PASS: If you still find that the above options are not suitable for your financial situation, please consider applying for the Community Support Program as a helper. A total of 12 spots are available ( 4 for Dance-scapes and 8 for Contact Camp). Applies only to full workshop attendance. Learn more...


* Prices are in USD, and it is preferable to pay in USD for us to be able to cover costs without being affected by the daily rate fluctuations. However it would be possible to pay in LBP at the black market rate at the time of your purchase.


Weekly classes

June 24-July 20

50$/ 4 classes

90$ / 8 classes

100$ / 12 classes


Intensive Weekend

July 16-17

EARLY BIRD* before June 25th

30$ 1 Day (incl. 2 meals) 

60$ 2 Days (incl.  4 meals) 



(sliding scale + Community support)

40$ - 60$ 1 Day (incl. 2 meals) 

70$ - 90$ 2 Days (incl. 4 meals) 


(4 spots available)

40$ 2 Days (incl. 4 meals) 

CI & Flow

Pre-festival Lab

July 21

EARLY BIRD* before June 25th

20$  (incltransportation)


(sliding scale + Community support)

30$ - 40$ (incltransportation)



July 22-24

EARLY BIRD* before June 25th

30$ 1 Day (Incl. 2 meals)

70$ 2 Days (Incl. 5 meals)

110$ 3 Days (Incl. 7 meals)


(sliding scale + Community support)

40$ - 60$ 1 Day (Incl. 2 meals)

80$ - 100$ 2 Days (Incl. 5 meals)

120$ - 150$ 3 Days (Incl. 7 meals)


(8 spots available)

80$ 3 Days (Incl. 7 meals)


Full month


8 contemporary classes

Dance-Scapes (July 16th-17th + 4 meals)

Open Play Session (July 19th)

CI & Flow Lab( July 21st)

Contact Camp ( July22nd - 24th + 7 meals) 

EARLY BIRD* before June 25th



(sliding scale + Community support)

280$ - 300$

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