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June 15 - August 20, 2023

S.o.M.A. (school of movement arts) is a two-month-long event dedicated to the development, training and exchange around contemporary forms of dance and movement arts in Lebanon. The 2023 summer edition offers different formats for different needs, interests and levels of experience: weekly classes, short workshops, an intensive dance and somatics weekend and our yearly contact festival, with a selection of guest teachers from Lebanon and abroad.



Contemporary Dance
Weekly classes

June14th to August 30th, 2023


Corinne Skaff (LB)

Mondays & Wednesdays
6 to 7:30pm

Mondays & Wednesdays 
7:30 to 9pm

More about classes here


Contact Improvisation
Weekly Jams

June 15th to July 27th, 2023
Amalgam Studio- Hamra

Facilitated by

Corinne Skaff


A series of weekly contact improvisation (CI) jams with focus themes. We will start with a contact improvisation short introductory class and open up to a jam practice.
Bring in your water, towel, long sleeve shirt(s), comfortable pants, knee pads (for sensitive knees), your explorative mood, and join the dance!

Proceeds of these sessions go towards the funding of the S.o.M.A. community support program for ContactCampBeirut.



With Guy Nader & Maria Campos

June 23, 2023

6 to 9 pm
Sunflower Theater- Tayouné

In collaboration with

With the support of 

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This workshop is based on the vocabulary and movement generators developed in GN | MC’s creations.
An invitation to search for mechanics in movement, observing it in order to multiply paths and approaches.
By understanding the complexity of the movement anatomy we will look into the possibilities that the body offers to increase the movement vocabulary. For that we will be focusing on the understanding of the locomotor system to find the functionality and the efficiency while dancing with each other.
By using specific tasks and exercises to prepare the body for this demanding technique, learning many strategies by studying different ways to approach our partner. We will allow also ourselves to let go, give weight and counterweight and to receive it, absorb it, find common axes, to pull, push, jump, block, invite, been invited etc. within these tools we will be able to create our own patterns within the group and to develop our sense of responsibility and confidence in trusting ourselves and in the others as well as taking risks.


The Global Underscore (GUS)

June 24th, 2023
4pm- 5pm -
Underscore Talk through
5pm - 9pm (Beirut Time) - Full score practice



Corinne Skaff (LB)


The underscore is a practice developed by Nancy Stark Smith, bringing together contact improvisation and other improvisational practices into a 3 to 4 hours collective practice. The global underscore (GUS) is practiced around the globe in different countries at the same time.
Join us on June 24th at MAFk, for an introductory workshop explaining the different phases of the underscore
and then engage in the global practice from lebanon in sync with the rest of the world.



July 21st to 23rd, 2023

Intensive Teacher:

Corinne Skaff (LB)

Guest Teachers:

Kim Baraka (LB/NDL)

Nisrine Khoury (LB)

Tsharly Prince (LB/CA)

Nivine Kallass (LB)

Elissa Mansour (LB)

Chiara Khatounian (LB)


Dancescapes is a 3-days intensive weekend dedicated to creative movement and somatic practices. Bringing together different teachers and approaches to contemporary dance and awareness through movement, the workshops will provide you with tools for cultivating your own potential and relation to your kinesthetic creativity and well-being.
Open to all levels
 and creative aspiring.



August 17th to 20th, 2023


Emmanuelle Gerin (FR)

Mathilde Loslier Perrin (CA)

Corinne Skaff (LB)


ContactCamp is an immersive 4-days camp festival dedicated to contact improvisation and other instant composition practices. An intensive long weekend of training , workshops , jams, labs, discussions and performance.
Open to all levels and backgrounds.

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